Top 5 Best Anime Like Saiki K That You Should Watch Right Away

The tale of Saiki Kusuo, a talented psychic, is told in Saiki Kusuo no Psi-nan. Isn’t there a wordplay in his name?

It seems real that Saiki can read people’s minds. Despite the fact that he has been psychic since birth, he disputes the claims made about it. He thinks that being a psychic is a tremendous pain in the ass. Saiki is currently a senior in high school and is making an effort to lead a normal life despite his disabilities.

He will have to put up with an odd assortment of coworkers, professors, and bystanders in the interim. This concert is surprisingly a lot of fun. It’s hilarious to deal with a strong psychic who is trying to act like a regular person. Many various things can be done to create humorous situations.

There is an innate desire to locate more anime like Saiki K once you have watched all of the episodes that are currently available on Saiki and his odd life. What is even somewhat comparable to the craziness and humour Saiki has provided for you?

Watch Saiki K on Netflix if you haven’t watched it yet.

List of humorous anime like Saiki K

1. Daily Lives of High School Boys

Everyday Lives of High School Guys is the best when it comes to capturing the absurdity of typical high school life. The antics of high school students in this episode will make you laugh a lot.

The daily activities of a group of male high school students are the subject of this programme. On the other side, boys at Sanada North High School do not lead boring lives. There are games, romances, dramas, and laughs in this show. It is unnecessary for daily monotony, especially in high school. When these guys are around, it’s impossible not to have fun!

2. Mob Psycho 100

Young psychic Kageyama Shigeo, often known as Mob, has the power to lift objects with his thoughts. He just wants to be friends with Tsubomi, a girl in his class, despite having this amazing skill. He now works to control his psychic powers because in the past they had caused problems.

Despite the fact that both of these shows debuted in the same season and were created by the same person, Mob Psycho received far more notice. They actually ended up having a lot in common, though, in terms of content. Both of the main characters appear to despise having superpowers and desire to lead ordinary lives.

3. One Punch Man

The ordinary and uninteresting Saitama trained so hard that his hair came out in order to fulfil his childhood dream. His efforts did, however, pay off. Currently, most criminals in the city can be vanquished with a single punch. Unfortunately, one-punch victories are very monotonous, but when a cyborg named Genos recommends that they join the Hero Society together in order to become his pupil, everything changes.

You were prepared for this. One Punch Man must be mentioned in any series about oddballs with superpowers. Both series have main characters who are incredibly powerful and could theoretically defeat anyone if they tried, but outside of fight, they are quite stoic and occasionally foolish.

4. Ouran High School Host Club – Many short arcs like Saiki K

Smart Haruhi Fujioka, the main character, receives a scholarship to attend Ouran Academy, a school for the children of the most powerful families in the nation. She needs to work hard in class and hold onto her top ranking in order to continue receiving money.

Everything changes when Haruhi enters what appears to be an empty classroom and meets the Host Club members, who spend their free time entertaining female classmates. She is startled by Tamaki Suou, knocks over a pricey vase, and regrettably incurs debt as a result.

It’s difficult to determine whether Haruhi is fortunate for being mistaken for a boy or unfortunate for getting into trouble! In any case, she has the capacity to pay off the loan by supporting the expensive and distinctive personalities of the hosts while working as a host.

5. The Devil Is A Part-Timer!

A demon protagonist rather than a human with psychic abilities leads the supernatural anime The Devil is A Part-Timer. Once Lord Satan fails to conquer the Ente Isla realm, everything goes out of hand.

Satan and his faithful subordinate were forced to flee through a portal, but they didn’t expect to arrive on Earth without magic. The demon ruler now turns to working part-time in a restaurant and trying to pay his expenses because there are no more devil dens and nefarious gatherings in their wake.

Soon enough, Satan comes to the realisation that ascending the corporate ladder and taking over this planet known as Earth would be a greater accomplishment than dominating that Ente Isla location.

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Editor’s Final Thoughts:

Which anime would you choose? You’d best schedule some time soon to watch these wonderful programmes and enjoy yourself with other anime fans.


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