Top 7 Ranked Manga & Anime Where Mc is Reincarnated As a Child

Look no more for Anime where Mc is Reincarnated As a Child! We got you covered. Over the past few years, the isekai genre has experienced significant growth in popularity. This comes as no great surprise given how intriguing some isekai manga can be. And you’ve come to the perfect place if you’re specifically seeking for the best manga where the main character gets reincarnated as a child.

For those who are unfamiliar, “isekai” is a genre that centres on the idea of protagonists visiting a totally unrelated world to our own. Even though the majority of isekai titles mostly concentrate on mediaeval fantasy using swords and magic, they can also be science fiction, and many even draw on other subgenres including romance, drama, and slice-of-life. For readers seeking variety, the isekai genre offers a wide selection of books to read.

Among the numerous isekai subgenres, one has been particularly well-liked; it features the main character being reincarnated as a young child in a new planet.

List of Anime where Mc is Reincarnated As a Child

Anime where Mc is Reincarnated As a Child
Anime where Mc is Reincarnated As a Child

7. Champion’s Path to Murim

One of the world’s toughest wrestlers served as the main character in this manhwa. He was a very skilled martial artist and had no interest in anything save studying various martial arts. But over time, his health began to decline, and he was unable to continue fighting. He began to regret it after he couldn’t train any longer, and shortly after that, he passed away.

He immediately reincarnates as the youngest son of Keum Hojang in the murim world after passing away. He makes the decision to master every martial technique in existence in order to regain his title as the strongest person in the murim universe.

6. Demonic Master of Mount Kunlun

The actual heavenly demon, who was the main character, had to forcefully take over as cult leader after his father passed away suddenly. But he dies barely one year after receiving his fortune, and the Taoists of Kulun, a sect that adhered to the justice group, choose him to awaken in the body of an abandoned baby. Later, the Taoists begin to elevate him so he can guide the Kunlun sect to new heights.

This manhwa’s tale is well-written, and the artwork is excellent. The main character quickly gains strength by drawing on his prior experience. He is also cunning and ruthless.

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5. The Death Mage Who Doesn’t Want a Fourth Time

It’s a good way to start off, and although this is a unique isekai story, it has at the very least altered the original concept. The main character went experienced a lot of pain, but he didn’t follow the typical edgy Mc route. Instead, he made relationships with other people and gave them support in response to his experiences.

But the harmony between the dark and light humour did not appeal to me. I see that they were attempting to balance humour and darkness, but there are times when you just want to see the character beat someone to death for the crimes against his mother.

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4. Accidentally Summoned (Oops, sorry.)

Sho passes away too soon as a result of a mistake made by God. The oldest kid Will, who comes from a renowned noble family, represents him when he is then reborn into another dimension. He visits his father’s library one day and learns that magic is real. He sets out to utilise magic, but to his astonishment learns that he has a cheating talent that enhances his magic skills and lets him use all the elements!

It tells the tale of a brilliant former high school student from Japan who has unique magical abilities. The seventh manga where the main character is reborn as a child.

3. Existence

The main character of this manhwa had a long life and had numerous reincarnations. He occasionally comes into the world as an elephant or a fish. The power of every other living form he had ever been born in, he learned after becoming a human, may be used. As he travels, he makes a pledge to himself to wipe out all of humanity.

In this recently published manhwa, the main character gets transformed into a toddler and outmatched. This manhwa’s plot and artwork are both excellent. From the beginning, the main character is strong and intelligent. I thus urge you all to read this if you haven’t done so already.

2. I Will Live As An Actor

The main character of this manhwa was born into an underprivileged family that were unable to provide for him. The main guy works really hard in school to improve his circumstances, but as soon as he starts hanging around with bad pupils, his grades begin to suffer. He eventually begins lying to his mother in order to obtain money, which he then spends on frivolous items.

He eventually doesn’t do much in life and leads a difficult life until one day he succeeds in being one of the most well-known performers in his nation. However, he discovers that his mother had a sickness and eventually passed away when he finally goes back to see her.

1. I Picked a Hammer To Save The World

The protagonist of this manhwa was born an impoverished orphan who experienced an extremely difficult existence. But he succeeds in becoming one of the most powerful fighters via his constant work. After taking down one of the demon king’s generals, “World’s Strongest Swordsman” uses a family relic to send him back in time as he was about to pass away.

With this second chance, he chooses to stop the same thing from happening in the future. The main character, who uses magic to reincarnate as a child, is in an extremely fantastic manhwa. Along with the plot, this manhwa’s artwork is excellent.

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