5 Best Anime Like KonoSuba You Cannot Miss (2023 Updated)

Discover the top 5 anime like KonoSuba! If you’re a fan of the show’s humor, adventure, and unique characters, you won’t want to miss these similar series. From hilarious misadventures to epic battles, our must-watch recommendations have it all.

Kazuma resides in a typical little town. Finally emerging from his cave to purchase a new video game is this unwashed man. He gets murdered by a truck while attempting to save a girl just as he is finally making his way back home.

He is in limbo in front of the water goddess as he awakens. She instructs him to revive himself in a brand-new setting reminiscent of an RPG video game.

She mocks him for leading a miserable existence as a failure since he failed to save the girl, who was never actually in danger and perished in an ignoble manner.

The goddess proves to be a decent person after all and grants his wish. In an effort to get revenge, the young man hopes that the goddess experiences the same fate as himself. The goddess ultimately proves to be rather awkward and worthless for anything other than making those who watch the anime chuckle.

This is our list of comedic anime that are similar to Konosuba and feature similar situations for our hero:

List of Anime Like KonoSuba

5 Best Anime Like KonoSuba You Cannot Miss (2023 Updated)

1. Grimgar: Ashes and Illusions

Three adjectives that can be used to summarise this tale are cruelty, sorrow, and survival. How would you feel if your only chance for survival was to enlist in the military and you found yourself in a dangerous world full of monsters?

This is what the plot initially reveals, along with the fact that our characters would be left out of the initial groups that are created. This implies that their group will be made up of five individuals who were not desired as friends, who lacked special abilities, and who might be facing the death penalty.

There will be wars, but they won’t look like the ones we’re accustomed to. The main characters are unarmed youngsters who have been abandoned in a dangerous environment and compelled to kill in order to survive. A more somber anime with some excellent humorous undertones and a story that is comparable to Konosuba in terms of setting.

2. Hinamatsuri

A weird device that contained a girl named Hina who possessed exceptional psychic abilities broke into the home of Nitta, a yakuza who enjoys collecting vases. In a poor way, Nitta resolves to look after her since he believes he can profit from the circumstance; instead, the contrary occurs.

A terrific comedy, with synchronicity, positive character responses, effective direction, and last but not least, the handling of the intercharacter dynamics. This is what distinguishes Hinamatsuri as an entertaining program. You should add Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!, a fantastic anime, to your list right away.

3. Senyuu

The Demon King caused havoc in the human realm 1,000 years ago before being imprisoned by the hero Creasion. Currently, a gap that serves as a portal between the realms of demons and humans has appeared.

The Demon King must be re-sealed by Creasion’s descendent, but there are 75 candidates! Alba is knight number 45, and he sets out on a quest to maybe fulfill his destiny with the aid of the sadistic knight Ross.

4. Monster Musume

In the universe where the narrative is set, there are mythical animals. After hiding from civilization, they finally make the decision to live openly by signing agreements that permit them to coexist in safely with people.

Character Kimihito Kurusu serves as the lead. Due to an error made by the organization in charge of coordinating the cultural exchanges, he ultimately has to agree to care for a lamia by the name of Miia.

Everything will change for Kimihito, and danger will follow him everywhere. Similarly, his fate will lead him to live with other monstrous girls. For fans of KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on this Beautiful Earth, this is the ideal substitute!

5. Full Dive

Another anime spoof like KonoSuba is Full Dive. Both shows include a cast of oddball people with humor that is similar. Full Dive revolves around a young child and the events of an overly realistic role-playing game.

To break up his monotonous life, Hiroshi Yuuki chooses to play a VR game with Reona, a worker at a game shop. As soon as he steps inside, he understands why the other players were hoping for realism.

And before long, he understands why nobody plays it anymore. Simply put, the game is too realistic for its own good. You would experience agony in real life if you were harmed in the game.

Yuuki decides to complete the game’s stages alongside his new pals even if he finds his misfortune working even harder in the game than in real life. Similar to KonoSuba, Full Dive is a fun and entertaining anime that you may watch to unwind after a long day.

Although not an isekai, the series centers on a band of misfit adventurers and is set in a KonoSuba-esque RPG universe. The events they encounter are so absurd that you’d always be asking how they got there.

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Editor’s Final Thoughts:

It’s a series you must watch if you’re seeking an anime with a darker and more violent tone that’s comparable to KonoSuba. Like KonoSuba, it is a humorous series with absurd circumstances that will have you doubting everything, starting with physics.

Even if the series’ names are cheesy, you can already tell they are going to be funny. Here are 5 anime that are comparable to KonoSuba that you may watch for a quick laugh to brighten your day after a long day.

All of the Top 5 anime series that are similar to KonoSuba above are lighthearted comedies set in a fantasy setting and center on dysfunctional groups of strange individuals going on adventures. All of the anime in this list share the same genre and themes as KonoSuba. I sincerely hope you enjoy the series!


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