Heaven Official’s Blessing Season 2: Trailer, Release Date & Spoilers

Excited for Heaven Official’s Blessing Season 2? Check out our trailer, release date, and spoilers! Get a sneak peek into the continuation of this captivating fantasy series and find out what’s in store for our beloved characters. Don’t miss the highly anticipated release of Heaven Official’s Blessing Season 2!

At the time of writing, anime fans had been eagerly expecting the return of Heaven Official’s Blessing for about two years. Fans may be confident that Heaven Official’s Blessing season 2 is unquestionably on the way even though there is no official word on what to anticipate. Yet, many have concerns about the teases in the trailer and the release date.

The official release date for Heaven Official’s Blessing Season 2 is unknown, however, it is anticipated to occur sometime around October 2023. Although there are changes between the events in the anime series and the Chinese novel, Heaven Official’s Blessing, Season 2 is anticipated to follow the same plot as Season 1.

While the actual release date for Heaven Official’s Blessing season 2 is unknown, fans and anime enthusiasts are anxious to learn as much as they can about what lies ahead. Keep reading to learn everything we currently know about Heaven Official’s Blessing season 2, including the anticipated release date, the reasons for the production delays, and potential spoilers for the upcoming season’s plot.

Official Release Date for Season 2

Heaven’s Official Blessing season 2

The second season of Heaven Official’s Blessing has not yet received a definite release date. The anime series will return in the early months of 2023, according to HITC, who received confirmation that production had begun by January 2021.

The main difficulty is that the show’s foreign streaming debut will probably happen after Bilibili’s broadcast has ended. The anime had its first release on Funimation earlier this year, and it made its Netflix premiere in April.

Combined, these factors indicate that if Heaven Official’s Blessing season 1 is nationally released, the series won’t likely debut on Funimation until April 2023. Netflix subscribers may have to wait until the summer of 2023 to enjoy the second season.

Spoilers for Heaven Official’s Blessing Season 2

Hua Cheng believes that he is permanently disfigured, despite being one of the most attractive guys in both the novel and the manhua. He feels unworthy of Xie Lian because of the tragedy from his past. In an interview, the author told MXTX that Hua Cheng was frequently referred to as an ugly beast as a child because of his heterochromia.

When both iris colors of the eye are dissimilar, this condition is known as heterochromia. He started to think that as he gained strength, he wasn’t all that ugly, but his inferiority complex persisted, and he would still feel inadequate in front of his crush, Xie Lian.

Heaven Official’s Blessing Season 2 Story

A preview and trailer for Season 2 have just been released, and audiences are eager to see Hua Cheng as the King of the Ghost Village, where Xie Lian sneaks in with the Wind God to look into a case. Prior to this, the 12th episode—a special episode—was given to San Lang and Xie Lian.

This episode revealed their interpersonal dynamics and enigmatic past. Emperor Pei, along with the Crown Prince, has doubts about San Lang’s character and believes that he is a member of the Ghost King, also known as Crimson Rain Sought Flower, Hua Cheng. Why would a Ghost King assists Xie Lian in building his temple comes as a complete surprise.

The Wind God, who can quickly change his gender, travels with the Crown Prince, Xie Lian, to the Ghost City in order to investigate this issue. Throughout the town, Xie Lian encounters a variety of ghosts and oddballs who introduce him to the enigmatic Hua Cheng under the Veil.

Where to watch Heaven’s, Official Blessing?

Heaven’s Official Blessing Season 1 is available on Netflix, Bilibili Youtube Channel, and Funimation.

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Editor’s Final Thoughts:

On bilibili, you may view the newest trailer with English subtitles (the blue toggler under the video is for the comments, and you can turn them off). The first season of the anime is being streamed by Funimation, and they give a synopsis of the plot.

We’ll soon find out how many episodes there are in season 2 of Heaven Official’s Blessing as season 1 featured a total of 12 episodes.


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