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Discover top 5 manga like Him Him and Him with our handpicked recommendations. Explore thrilling romances, friendships, and captivating storylines.

Manga is a type of Japanese comic that has become incredibly popular all over the world. It provides a wide variety of genres to accommodate various interests and preferences. LGBTQ+ manga is one of these subgenres that has recently attracted fans’ interest. Particularly, the manga series “Him and Him and Him” has drawn notice for its realistic depiction of same-gender relationships and the difficulties LGBTQ+ people have in society.

Three high school boys who are all in love with one another are the subjects of this manga, which follows their battles to deal with their emotions and identities in a society that frequently rejects and mistreats them.

More Manga Like Him, Him, and Him

Him and Him and Him” is unquestionably worth checking out if you enjoy LGBTQ+ manga or are seeking a new series to start. The narrative presents a fresh viewpoint on the difficulties of love and relationships while also highlighting significant societal challenges.

This blog will examine this series in more detail and study some other manga with a related concept and aesthetic. Prepare to immerse yourself in the LGBTQ+ manga world and find some incredible tales that you won’t want to put down!

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Top 5 Manga Like Him, Him, and Him

5. Dirty Reverie

Reverie is French for daydreaming. You can’t pretend that wondering about some of your nasty dreams doesn’t get you lost. Everything of stuff is depicted on screen in this comic so that you can laugh, yell, and enjoy it. The drama’s main character is a succubus.

She has the ability to draw anyone to her, but due to some unfavorable circumstances, she has chosen to remain an untouched person. This time, a freshman college student caught her eye. She wants him, but will he fall for her tricks like the rest of them? You must read this manga to learn more in-depth.

4. What’s Wrong

You frequently act in various ways before wondering “what’s wrong?” The main character of this manga interprets this query differently. The idea of engaging in several sexual relationships is acceptable to them. Of course, it is their decision.

How long can someone tolerate having so many sex acts, though? Can’t they fall in love with any of their “bedmates” for real? If so, how do they deal with or get past this reality? You must read this manga to find out more.

3. Polyamory

One can infer from the title of this manga that its main characters are similar to Yoo Se-Ah. The main characters pursue a polyamorous relationship instead of the traditional monogamous one. Because they are unhappy with their partners, they have several sexual relationships with various persons.

What results from these relationships? Would our heroes be content with their flimsy relationships? Will they be content in the absence of permanence in their lives? You must read the manga to find out more.

2. Bride of Elysion

“Elysion” makes me think of the Greek Eleusinian mysteries when many thought they would have an afterlife experience. Thus it comes as no surprise that this comic contains some fantasy aspects. This manga has become quite successful, largely as a result of the fantasy and snark it incorporates. In this, Ina Yoo, the female heroine, is taken to a different world—a world of imagination.

In that universe, men have intercourse with human female figures, giving the females the “mana”—the males’ semen—which gives the females their strength. Ina develops into one of these women and has numerous connections with incredibly strong men, but she also has rivals.

1. Carnal Karma

Two of Eun Chae-former Yi’s boyfriends are discovered. You are now aware that this comic also has fantasy elements. A prince and a Hollywood celebrity start to covet her. When both of them give her ecstatic heights of pleasure, how will she choose between them? She interacts with them in overtly sexual ways and is unsure of how to stop.

There are currently more than 106 chapters in this ongoing manga.

Editor’s Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the manga series “Him and Him and Him” has won over fans’ hearts with its accurate depiction of same-sex relationships and the difficulties that LGBTQ+ people encounter. This series has paved the way for a brand-new LGBTQ+ manga subgenre that authentically examines the complexity of love and identity.

It’s critical to keep in mind that representation counts and LGBTQ+ manga gives readers a chance to identify with their favorite characters. By encouraging these narratives, we can all work towards building a more welcoming and inclusive society.

There are plenty of incredible stories to discover whether you’ve read LGBTQ+ manga for a while or are first beginning to do so. We sincerely hope that reading this blog has introduced you to some new resources you should check out and that you will continue to promote diverse and inclusive storytelling across all media.


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