8 Best Manga like Seoul Station Necromancer Ranked (2023 List)

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Korean comics and printed cartoons are known as “manhwa.” It is a component of South Korean culture and is also known as South Korean comics. Korea was ruled by Japan from 1910 to 1945. As a result, Korean society was influenced by Japanese elements, writing style, language, and culture. Manhwa began gaining popularity across the nation after the Second World War.

Manga like Seoul Station Necromancer

In the 1950s and 1960s, it gained popularity. New subjects, styles, and genres were all accepted at the same time. Since the beginning of manhwa during the Japanese colonization of Korea, manga has had a significant impact on Japanese culture and the exportation of comic books worldwide.


You probably came to this site looking for manga similar to Seoul Station Necromancer because you loved this one. Necromancer by Seoul Station is an “iseka returns back” manga. Here, our main character receives a small nerf and begins exploring Earth’s brand-new dungeons. It is exactly what you anticipate in that regard. I, on the other hand, discover a lot of uninteresting things.

You will adore this manga if you enjoy dungeons, leveling systems, exciting action sequences, and OP MCs. You are looking for manga like Seoul Station Necromancer for precisely that reason.

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List of Manga like Seoul Station Necromancer

8. Solo Leveling

A gate connecting the realm of magic and monsters with the world of humans first appeared about ten years ago. Ordinary people developed extraordinary abilities to combat these monsters and were dubbed “Hunters” as a result. The manhwa is based on the 20-year-old Sung Ji-story Woo. He is a hunter whom the system selects as the only player and grants him incredibly uncommon abilities to boost his might.

Following Jin-journey Woo as he battles both men and monsters will allow you to learn the dungeon’s mysteries and the extent of Jin-actual Woo’s abilities.

7. Pathfinder

Tomorrow is Garam’s 25th birthday, but not only have her parents forgotten, but she also hasn’t secured a full-time position. She wakes up at midnight to discover an odd window in front of her. She finds out that she is a world traveler or a pathfinder when she steps through the window. When she entered this other realm, her family and all she knew from her home on Earth had mysteriously vanished. To find her family and get everything back on track, Garam will need to learn everything she can about being a pathfinder.

6. Origins

The planet was ruled by the King as soon as monsters started to appear there. He built strong, long walls around the realm, similar to those in Attack on Titan. He was able to break all the strong people by expelling the weak ones, which made it simpler for him to exist. The community of the main character was destroyed by monsters, and there was just one survivor (him). They are continually engaged in combat with the soldiers of the wall and are unable to escape battles in a world full of creatures.

5. Man Nyeon Mane Gwihwanhan Player

The Authority of Predation was all Kangwoo had about him when he suddenly and unexpectedly plunged into Hell. He ate hundreds of thousands of demons from the first to the ninth hell, till even the Seven Archdukes, at last, bowed down before him. “Why do you want to come back?” “My Lord, do you not already have all that there is in Hell?” What specifically do I have? Neither food nor entertainment was available. Hell was filled only with barren landscapes and frightening demons. “I’m returning,” I said. He finally makes his way back to Earth after 10 thousand years in the nine hells.

4. Mo Huang Da Guanjia

Zhuo Yifan, the demon king who had succeeded the previous emperor, was killed by his trusted advisors after being betrayed. He was compelled to work as the butler for the lady of a modest aristocratic house after being reincarnated with minimal strength and having his cultivation hindered by a demonic curse in his heart. How will he handle the “woman of the cursed heart” and restore her home and himself to the top of this continent after going from a powerful demon ruler to merely a butler?

3. The Return Of The Disaster Class Hero

The term “calamities” is used by humans to refer to the mysterious, terrible beings that emerge on Earth without warning. The zodiac gods designated twelve persons as saints to confront these disasters. Also awoken was Geon Lee, the greatest of all heroes despite not being chosen. His comrades betrayed him, and he was left for dead. But twenty years later, he is stronger than ever and prepared to impart a lesson that the “saints” of his world will never forget. If this were on the list of manga like Seoul Station Necromancer, you would adore it.

2. Knocking On Dungeon Door

After a day has passed, weak-willed Hyeonbok Kim unlocks the door to his flat to find a dungeon full of monsters. He initially hides. When all else fails, Hyeonbok is left with no choice but to take down the dungeon bosses. He is not alone in this. With the aid of his skeleton companions, he gains knowledge about bravery and friendship. Hyeonbok seems prepared to take on any difficulties the dungeon throws at him. But is it actually the case? It should unquestionably be listed among manga like Seoul Station Necromancer.

1. Chaeng Meongneun Mabeopsa

Theodore Miller is a magic expert, but he doesn’t know how to utilize it. Theo stumbles across a grimoire called “Gluttony” that appears as a magic-hungry beast on his hand just as he’s about to fail out of Berghen Academy. Theo swiftly establishes himself as the academy’s top pupil as he grows increasingly strong due to Gluttony’s consumption of magical writings and artifacts. Theo is finally progressing toward becoming a true wizard, even though he now constantly faces the possibility of being consumed by an insatiable parasite.

Editor’s Final thoughts

The popular manga “Seoul Station Necromancer” has inspired many others with its unique blend of horror, drama, and supernatural elements.

The “8 Best Manga like Seoul Station Necromancer Ranked (2023 List)” list above highlights a number of the most similar and highly rated manga titles that fans of the genre can enjoy. Each manga on the list offers a thrilling and captivating experience with its own unique twist. This list has something for everyone, whether you like action-packed battles, dark and haunting settings, or emotionally charged stories. So, take your pick from this list and immerse yourself in a world of captivating storytelling and thrilling adventure.

Let me know which ones are your favorites in the comments section.

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