8 Mangas like How to hide the emperors child that you should read today

If you are looking for some Mangas like How to hide the emperors child then today I will tell you some of the best manga like How to hide the emperors child

How to hide the emperors child

Mangas like How to hide the emperors child

When Astelle, the empire’s one-day empress, departed the palace following the divorce, she had a secret with her: she was carrying Emperor Kaizen’s child. Six years later, Astelle and their son are enjoying a tranquil life in the country when the imperial guards arrive. For Kaizen to be granted access to Meilen’s vital area, Astelle must agree. Will Astelle be able to keep her son’s identity a secret from these dangerous entities—and, more importantly, from his father, the emperor—while the empire is still in upheaval as a result of a rebellion?

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8 Mangas like How to hide the emperors child

8. Searching for My Father

Louise is in danger of being forced into a life of servitude due to the harsh chains of destiny. Louise is taken into custody by Benjamin, a cruel guy who is still fixated with her mother despite her tragic death, with the intention of marrying her. In her attempt to escape this terrible fate, Louise accidentally wakes up eight years earlier. She is determined to make things right, but she is unable to avert another tragedy. Louise sets off on a search for her father with a mission to never give up. What revelations will she make in her struggle for freedom? Will her father hold the secret to her success—or her downfall?

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7. I Was Tricked into this Fake Marriage!

All noblemen who opposed the Delpice Empire were forced to renounce their titles once the empire brutally united all kingdoms. Leyrin Efran becomes a countess overnight as the sole child of her father, but she must get married in order to properly protect her family’s title and estate! She uses information from the infamous Nine Night Guild to locate a guy of lower status in order to thwart the empire. Although they provide what was required (eep! he’s SO gorgeous! ), things don’t appear to be exactly as promised.

6. The Rewards of Marriage

Wilhazelle Fossier, known for her lavish spending, brought her home to total ruin. She decides to find the wealthy Duke Heillos’s lost nephew in order to collect a reward from him in order to pay off her family’s debt. Despite the fact that her quest is successful, Wilhazelle must spend a month residing at the Heillos manor until the dubious duke can positively identify the small boy. But she begins to question whether the money is worthwhile as a month evolves into a year and a contract marriage.

5. Devoted to Diamond

Devota, a great hero who sacrificed everything to protect the world from evil, was betrayed and murdered by the man who had reared her. Fortunately, she has a new start in life as a young orphan named Diamond and, by a stroke of luck, is adopted by an old friend who is now a formidable duchess. She is adored by the entire family, and as it turns out, she just might be one of them. Will Dia be able to let love into her heart, though, with her murderer still on the loose and her vengeance yet unfulfilled?

4. Monster Duke’s Daughter

When her mother disappears, three-year-old Lotilucia finds a magical crest that leads her to the manor of House Frodium, one of the most influential noble houses in the empire. Little Lottie recognised Duke Damian Frodium, the so-called “Monster Duke” who is descended from demons, as her father right away. Lottie tries her best to avoid him once they are inside the house. Then, though, she finds a magic book and is shown a tale about Duke Frodium’s adoptive daughter taking the place of his deceased daughter, Lotilucia! The prophetic narrative shocks Lottie but also gives her confidence. She might as well be her cheeky self and behave as she pleases if she is going to die anyhow!

3. I Don’t Want To Be Duke’s Adopted Daughter-in-law

I am the incredibly vicious villain that tormented the main character as a child in the orphanage. I made the decision, “Just don’t do that,” to change my fate, but the poor youngster kept getting hit by the other kids anyhow, so I had to watch him even more closely! The Duke, who had been looking for the male lead for many years, eventually discovered the orphanage one day. The Duke was his father’s closest friend. “I’ll take this kid in as my own. Oh, and the kid sitting there as well. Why am I also being adopted, you ask? He wants to cast me as the male lead’s son-in-law? How about the lead woman?

2. I Got Pregnant with the Tyrant’s Child

The masquerade festival offers Elan, the royal knight, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have fun and unwind. However, her enjoyable night rapidly turns into a terrifying morning as she awakens next to the tyrannical Emperor Kylart. Elan flees in the hopes that he hasn’t noticed her disguise because she is aware of how unkind he can be to needy women. But as she continues her tense guarding of the emperor duties, she begins to feel unsettling health issues. The doctor’s visit indicates that she is pregnant! Even worse, there is a report that Kylart is searching for the enigmatic woman he met on the festival’s opening night.

1. I Became the Villain’s Mother

Haena is immersed in wealth, power, and a family of her own when she is called into her beloved book as the famed Duchess Roselia Chade. The only drawback to her idyllic life is that Einspanner Chade, her loving stepson, is also the villain who will kill her. Roselia is desperate to stop Ein from turning into a vicious killer since at this point in the novel he is still simply a cute toddler who has not had his awful awakening. But it may be more difficult than she anticipated to securely raise a child who was destined for villainy with the duke getting in the way and attempting to poison his own son.

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