[9 BEST] Manga Where MC is Reincarnated as a Child and Overpowered

Are you looking for the best Manga Where MC is Reincarnated as a Child and Overpowered? We got you covered. You may have read a variety of manga, including fantasy, action, romance, and even some fantastic works with strong Mc. But some manga blends all the genres together and gives you the best fun.

We are indeed talking about “Reincarnation Manga/Manhwa.” These manga offer you an action-packed experience along with some thriller/mystery elements and completely overpowering main characters.

Manga Where MC is Reincarnated as a Child and Overpowered

While some of these manga are humorous and lighthearted, others are darker and deal with weightier subjects like morality and ethics. This selection has something for everyone, whether they want a touching tale or an exciting adventure.

List of the Mangas’:

Manga Where MC is Reincarnated as a Child and Overpowered
9 BEST: Manga Where MC is Reincarnated as a Child and Overpowered

9. Return Of The Mount Hua Sect Continue

The main character of the manhwa, Chung Myung, was Mount Hua’s thirteenth disciple. One of the three great swordsmen who fought Chunma and caused chaos and destruction to the world was known as the plum-blunder sword saint. After the combat on the peak of the mountain belonging to the heavenly demon sector, he took his dying breath. He is resurrected in a kid body after 100 years and discovers that Mount Hua sect 10, one of the 10 major sects, has been overthrown. He makes the decision to restore it to its previous state. When learning about reincarnation and op mc, this manga is a must-read.

8. The Game That I Came From Continue

This manhwa reincarnation tale is primarily set in a virtual environment. Early players had the opportunity to acquire skills that they could utilise in the real world. He wasn’t one of them, and one day while playing the game, a bug caused him to pass away. When he opened his eyes, he realised that it had been three years since his return. He starts playing the game again in an effort to improve using his memories from the future.

7. Mo Dao Zu Shi

The Demonic Sect’s founder member is Wei Wuxian. He sacrificed himself for the greater good, but he was killed after being backstabbed. He gets resurrected as a madman after 16 years and sets out on a quest to track down his real collaborator. Dao Zu Mo Mo To my knowledge, it is the most well-known Chinese manhua. The theme of rebirth is extremely effectively used to depict the cultivation of manhua. If you’re seeking for an op mc, this is the reincarnation manga for you.

6. The Heavenly Demon Destroys Lich King’s Murim

This recently published manhwa is also quite intriguing. This movie’s lead character is quite intriguing. The main character had no interest in murim affairs at all because he was a leader in the demonic cult. A lich King from another world attacked our world one day. When the protagonist confronted him, he was not in a good place. He was defeated. After 140 years, he assumed control over a child’s body and mind. This planet had been ruled by the lich king. When he learns that the lich king has taken over this planet, he makes the decision to find a means to defeat him once more. From this list, this manga about rebirth with opMC is a must-read.

5. I Will Die Soon

The main character was a loser since he was despised by everyone. He made the decision to end his life as a result. After he passed away, a death god took his soul. The woman tells him that she would distribute his soul to 13 persons who will soon pass away. He’ll have to stay within that body. He can carry on living the life he has been living if he survives. But if he doesn’t, he’ll receive a fate worse than death. This narrative is a compilation of real-life experiences from various people. You’ll adore it, I can promise that.

4. The Reborn

On a distant continent, the ancient kingdom of Laham was completely destroyed. The main character in that war, Zeluo, passed away abroad. His corpse has been reduced to ash and bone. Zeluo, on the other hand, was reborn with all of his memories and feelings after awakening through some unidentified power. Hallucinations and voices in his head kept pleading with him to return to Laham, his native land. He started on a perilous and protracted quest because he was determined to regain his former self. This manga, which features reincarnation, is still fantastic even if it hasn’t been updated in many months.

3. Devouring Realm

A king once abandoned a treasured object on a wide continent. It was a potent object that anyone could use to become the most powerful person in the entire universe. The artefact allowed its possessor to mimic the abilities of others. The protagonist and his squad found it, but they were all attacked and shot afterward. The main character made the decision to commit suicide after losing his team and damaging the stone. He suddenly found himself back at the beginning of it all. He also discovered a stone after he passed away that he took with him. He makes the decision that he will defend everyone in the second life using his memories and copying skills.

2. So I’m a Spider, So What?

High school girl Kumoko has been resurrected as a spider in her second life. Being an insect poses a risk despite its lack of strength compared to other monsters. She had to figure out how to survive in this strange setting. If it weren’t for the main characters, I would have stopped reading the manga right away. This comic is an obsession and a source of pure joy. Though it is different, it is a manga like the one you are looking for. Instead of becoming the OP male main character, she reincarnates as a spider.

1. Hourglass Turned by the Villainess

Noblewoman Aria’s mother gave her a rich lifestyle and abused her. Her stepsister is named Mielle. She eventually discovered that Mielle had deceived her and damaged her reputation. She was about to be executed when, with the use of an hourglass, she managed to travel back in time and is now prepared to eliminate Mielle as a villain. This idea of the main character turning into a villainous character is not reincarnation. The main character is the antagonist since she has complete power. You’ll like the story more if you take a different perspective because she is OP.

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Editor’s Final Thoughts:

This was our take on Mangas Where MC is Reincarnated as a Child and Overpowered, we hope you’ll enjoy these mangas as much as we did. Stay tuned for more anime content.


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