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Find your next favorite manhwa with these 9 manhwas where MC may look weak but are strong. These picks are a must-read for fans looking for underrated, powerful main characters.

Manhwa with MC Who Look Weak

If you’re a fan of Manhwa, you know that the main character (MC) isn’t always the most extensive, strongest, or most intimidating person in the series. Some of the most compelling and complex characters are the ones who may appear weak at first glance but prove to be incredibly strong in both strength and character.

Manhwa with Mc: Who Appear Weak but Are Actually Strong? A Manhwa Fan’s Must-Read List!

MC Who Look Weak

9. Kingdom

Kingdom takes place during the Warring States period of history. The story revolves around a young orphan named Xin who becomes a soldier in the state of Qin. Xin is a young orphan, so he is left to fend for himself in a harsh wilderness. Eventually, he gets rescued by a kind man named Piao, who is a loyal servant in Qin. He takes Xin into his care, and after that moment, he becomes a father to him. He also learns the basics of the military from him.

One day, piao is killed in the battle against the state of Zhao, and Xin sets out on a quest for revenge against them. On the journey, he meets other soldiers and becomes involved in the struggles of various states. After every battle, Xin rises through the rank and becomes a skilled and respected warrior. He sets his sights on uniting the warring states under the banner of Qin. His path is not an easy one; let’s see if he can achieve his goal.

The kingdom is one of the manhwas where MC looks weak but is strong, and Xin’s looks and personality are very humble, but in battle, he is strong enough to lead the battle to victory.

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8. The Bride of the Water God

The bride of the water god is a south Korean manhwa that is written and illustrated by Yoon Mi-Kyung. The story revolves around a water god named Ha Baek, who comes to earth in search of his bride that can help her to regain his divine powers.

During her journey, she meets a man who is destined to be his bride and who can assist them in regaining his powers. After a few things happen and they both start a journey of romance and self-discovery. They must both learn to trust and rely on one another, and along the way, they will discover that their fates are inextricably linked to one another.

7. Girls of the Wild

Girls of the wild is a manhwa that is written and illustrated by Hun. The plot revolves around Jaegu, a boy who has transferred to Wild’s High, an all-girls school. The school is famous for its competitive environment, where students are trained in different types of combat and martial arts.

Jaegu is a boy in an all-girls school; he was admitted here after being expelled from his previous school, and he decided to keep his profile low-key, not reveal his true strength, and appear weak so that he did not attract much attention. But he soon finds that he got involved in a conflict, became a fighter in some battles, and revealed his true powers. Now, what is going to happen after he reveals his true powers?

You can read this action-packed manhwa with some great character development. If you are looking for a manhwa with martial arts where the MC hides his true power, then this one is for you.

6. Unordinary

Unordinary is a webtoon that Uru-chan wrote and illustrated. The story revolves around a world where everyone has some special ability, and children want to become heroes with those abilities. Everyone also has power levels according to their abilities; the higher the level is, the power famous he is and the more power he has.

John has the ability of aura manipulation, where he can copy anybody’s abilities and use them, and a power level of 7 which can easily rank him as the second strongest in his school, but he tries to hide his power and tells everyone he is powerless and doesn’t have any ability because of his past and some incidents. He always got bullied in school, but as he got more involved with his friends, he revealed his powers, and now John must confront his fears.

Unordinary is extremely well-done, with well-developed characters and an awesome plot that keeps you engaged and entertained; it is also another manhwa in which the main character conceals his power and appears weak but is actually strong.

5. The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Another south Korean manhwa series that follows the story of Lee Hyun, a young man who escapes his mundane life by turning to the virtual world of Royal Road, a popular online game. He has the ability to bring objects to life in the game, giving him an advantage over other players, as he gets involved more in the game he meets many interesting characters and starts a journey on an epic adventure with full of excitement and incidents that are going to happen and he got no clue about that.

This manhwa is well known for its plot and characters and gained a large and dedicated fan base around the world.

4. The God of High School

Park Yong Je is the writer and illustrator of this action-packed manhwa called The God of High School, A high school student is invited to participate in a mysterious martial arts tournament that is very highly competitive the tournament is called the God of High School. A group of strong and influential figures who are searching for the strongest fighters in the world held this tournament and the winner can wish for anything from them.

As Jino Mo-Ri, the main character of the story fights in the tournament, he discovers that he has a unique and powerful fighting style and the new journey begins to learn about all the secrets and mysteries surrounding the tournament and its organizers. On his journey, he meets a variety of characters, including Han Dae-Wi, a skilled fighter with a quick temper, and Yu Mi-Ra, a powerful and elegant fighter with mysterious power who must summon Yu Mi-Ra.

3. The Gamer

The Gamer is another manhwa where mc is a high school student where mc looks weak but acts like a weakling. This manhwa is illustrated and written by Snug San-Young. The gamer also has also been officially translated into several languages and is available to read online or through various mobile apps.

Han Jee-Han discovers that he has the ability to transfer his skills and abilities from video games to the real world. It means all the abilities that he has in the game, can also be used in the real life. Since he is a protagonist he doesn’t use this power for any wrong thing, instead of the uses these abilities Han Jee uses this power to save his friends and loved ones from all the danger and also tries to uncover the truth behind his power.

The Game is especially for those who love to read manhwa where mc is op and his power is related to video game characters.

2. Noblesse

Noblesse has been well-received by readers and has been recognized as one of the most popular webtoons in South Korea. Noblesse is written and illustrated by Son Jae Ho and Illustrated by Lee Gwang Su.

The story follows a noble vampire named Rai, who has been sleeping for 820 years. now awaken from his deep sleep in this modern world. For him, everything is different, and he started to live in this modern world and started going to high school, where he met a lot of students and became friends with a group of them. He hides his power, but he must deal with all the threats from other vampires who want to kill him and use his power for their own purposes.

1. Solo Leveling

In this manhwa, the MC is a low-level hunter named Sung Jin-Woo, who is considered weak and useless by his peers. However, after a near-death experience, Jin-Woo gets the power to level up his strength and abilities at a fast rate, allowing him to become one of the strongest hunters in the world.

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Final Words

These 9 manhwas are a must for the manhwa fans who are looking for this type of story where the main character is pretty strong but looks weak or hides his power if you are also one of them this list is for you and you must read all of them.

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