Top 7 Ranked! School Manhwa with OP MC

Are you searching for the best list of School Manhwa with OP MC? Ah, sure, manhwas with agitated students. What makes us enjoy these genres? Because sometimes we like MCs who can instantly reduce their opponents into specks of dust on the ground rather of the good old character development. Of course, being “overpowered” doesn’t just refer to one’s strength or skill in combat. Some of the recommended manhwas have MCs who are intellectual giants. In other cases, they have unique abilities that allow them to control their standing within the school’s hierarchy, such as cheating or strange capabilities.

School Manhwa with OP MC

Have you recently noticed how many manga series begin with rather weak and unthreatening characters? They don’t turn OP until much later, is that right? The main character of many school manhwa experiences bullying before growing up. I decided that compiling a list of the top manhwa that revolve around the school setting would be great. Please let me know in the comments section below if you would like me to perform more of these. Enjoy This List as well. You will learn about overpowering MCs with a range of powers, personalities, and stories through this recommended manhwas.

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Take a look at the 7 best School Manhwa with OP MC



Although vampires are sometimes regarded as merciless animals, the vampire in this novel has all the traits of a soft-sort of aristocrat. For 800 years, Cadis Etrama Di Raizel, also known as Rai, has been dozing off for a very long time. However, after waking up in the twenty-first century, he rapidly learns to fit in with society and begins to look into the secrets of his past. He transfers into a new school since, in his view (based on logic), attending one is the greatest method to learn about what transpired while he was asleep. Noblesse is renowned for its action-packed storyline, meticulous artwork, and distinctive fusion of whimsical and mystical themes.



The main character in “God of Backfield” is a soldier with outstanding combat skills. He and his group are well known for inspiring fear in the hearts of their adversaries due to their extraordinary skills and thirst for destruction. However, he mysteriously loses consciousness after being shot in a combat one day. He strangely awakens in the body of a high school student in South Korea, three years in the future, with serious problems. Along with its intricate artwork and captivating characters, the manhwa is renowned for its fast-paced and action-packed storytelling. It is well-liked by those who appreciate vivid worlds and action-packed combat. If you fall into this category, “God of Backfield” might be something you’d like to read.



Teenage ex-warrior is sent back to his Korean hometown to enrol in a regular school, giving him a chance at a normal life. This very well-liked narrative, whose popularity lessens its originality, is probably already familiar to you if you’ve read manga or watched anime in the past. I read a couple other books with comparable stories, but I thought this one was the most entertaining and had the most uniqueness. Wars are less intense, but if you’re familiar with bullying in schools (especially in Korea), you know that this doesn’t mean that the other works on this list of recommended war manhwa are any less gruesome, nasty, or brutal.


gang of school

The goal of a school gang is typically to take over the school or exact revenge on someone. School gangs are frequently made up of kids who share this goal. However, this genre contains a range of brutality and violence. The darker colours are those that are examined in this Manhwa. The tale centres on a family that disintegrates after a father kills himself; the mother goes insane and develops mental instability, leaving her son to take over as the new family patriarch. He determines that in order to survive financially, physically, and emotionally, he must establish his own gang by enrolling in the worst gangster school in Seoul as he now has to support his mother and sister who is blind.


Lee Jung Woo, a student at Busan High School, is the protagonist of this tale. He was a ferocious and fearsome warrior with great combat skills, and as a result of his prowess, Busan gave him the nickname “Legend.” However, Jung Woo is eager to transfer to a new high school in Seoul since he is sick of his reputation and the expectations his classmates have of him. But his dreams of starting over in tranquilly are fleeting. Bullies at his new school feel they can pick on him because of his fragile and diminutive build. The long-standing hierarchy at his new school crumbles as he rules the playing fields with lightning-fast fists and strong kicks.


hanlim gym

You won’t regret reading “Hanlim Gym” if you’re seeking for a Manhwa where the main character has had enough of being bullied and decides to fight back. Yeongha, a fresh transfer student, serves as the focal point of Hanlim Gym’s entire story. He eventually decides to fight back after growing weary of being tormented after discovering that his wrath gives him the power to defend himself. As a result of his newly discovered courage, he earns the title of toughest student at school. However, Suho Kang, the winner of the PVP game, quickly dispatches him. Yeongha, however, who has developed a new love for violence, refuses to let up and chooses to battle back to recapture his crown. The secondary plots provide depth and intricacy to the primary story.


Bullying has received a lot of attention in Manhwas because, regrettably, it affects a lot of South Korean adolescents on a regular basis. Instead of being a bully naturally, the main character (MC) in Designated Bully is forced into the role. The plot centres on the life of Han Bi Kwang, a high school student who accepts the job of “designated bully” at his or her school in order to “filter out” the other bullies.

Editor’s Final Thoughts:

Despite having unique talents, the protagonists in these manga outperform everyone else in their schools. They range in personality types from psychics to insane people to aliens, but they are all OP. This list is for you if you’ve been looking for sauce with an MC who rules their school! We hope you liked this list about School Manhwa with OP MC!

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