8 Best Manhwas where The Main Character is the Villain Manhwa

Are you in the search for Best Manhwas where The Main Character is the Villain Manhwa? Some people prefer Manhwa with an Overpowered MC, others prefer them with an MC who is weak but becomes the strongest through his sweat and tears, and yet others prefer them with an Anti-Hero or badass MC. The Top 10 Manhwa Where the MC Is a Villain will be the topic of today’s discussion.

Most stories have a hero as the main character. They are, after all, noble, admirable, and chivalrous. But not every primary character is a decent man. Some of them are disgusting, abominable, and repugnant villains. Any manga with a villain main character gives readers an insight into how a villain’s brain functions, for better or worse, as disgusting as that may sound.

List of Manhwa where The Main Character is the Villain

The Main Character is the Villain Manhwa

8. Reverse Villain

Our MC, Jung-woo, continued his conquest of Murim after making an earlier effort. Due to Shin-Ryong, who is also caught in a reincarnation cycle with him, he is unable to defeat Murim. Even the fifth effort is unsuccessful, and he is reborn into the present. Jung’s dreams and woos are changed by his rebirth in the contemporary era. He seeks a formidable foe, yet most find him to be beyond their reach. This is the tale of a steadfast bond that has endured for a lifetime and how one man escapes a repetitive task.

7. Villain to Kill

The Villain and the Psyker are the two categories of people who typically possess powers (Hero). Due to their terrible aims, the villains act inhumanely, and Psykers battle them. A tragic event caused Cassian Lee, a psyker, to find himself in the body of a villain. Will he be able to keep his sense of justice? Or will he be controlled by his bad desires?

Villain to Kill is a fantastic manhwa that has a fascinating premise and surprisingly does a good job of portraying the main character. Although there are now just about 50 or so chapters, it has a great deal of potential to shine even more in the following chapters.

6. Peephole (Ana Satsujin)

Etsurou Kurosu is an alternative type of villain to those mentioned above. He doesn’t commit any horrendous deeds. But he also takes no action to stop them. Kurosu was a recluse who had given up on life. The hook snaps on him just as he’s ready to hang himself, creating a peephole. While keeping an eye on his neighbour, he used it to exit.

But one evening, he witnessed her viciously killing someone. He remained silent, but ultimately his neighbour learned of it. And that is when they began dating. Peephole does a good job of illuminating the thoughts of serial killers. Rio’s ability to kill without feeling, then resume her normal behaviour afterward, brilliantly captures how cut off from the outside world she is.

5. The Descent of the Demonic Master

During his first life. After a horrible catastrophe in which he loses his family and legs, he kills himself. He became well-known in Zhongyuan as the Red Demonic Master in the second, but the person he trusted the most betrayed him. He is currently living his third life. When Gang Jinho returns to the contemporary world, he makes the decision to lead a normal life.

But he was too used to Zhongyuan life to change into a regular person! “I wanted to live in tranquilly.” But you were the one to initiate it. I hope you’re prepared. Can Gang Jinho overcome his tendencies as the Red Demonic Master and lead the “regular life” he so desperately wants?

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4. Rooftop Sword Master

Tak Seyoung was bullied into a coma for nine long months, and when he finally emerged, he discovered that his parents had killed themselves to exact revenge on him. He stays in grievance for two years before escaping, but suddenly a weird sword appears out of nowhere and becomes lodged on his roof. Could this ability help him exact revenge?

The main character and this manhwa are both incredibly fierce. The action sequences and how it portrays the main character are really wild. If you enjoy manhwa with evil main characters and revenge stories, you’ll adore it to the very end. I regret reading it too late.

3. Dead Tube

The Dead Tube is the result of combining YouTube and all the dark web myths. Machiya Tomohiro, the protagonist, at first came across as a victim. But with time, he developed into a full-fledged psychopath. He deserves more than merely to be termed evil for the manner he assisted Mai as both a cinematographer and an accomplice.

He is utterly nasty. Dead Tube has it all, including theft, murder, and essentially all criminal activity. Naturally, there is a lot of nastiness, gore, and horror in it.

2. Masamune-kun no Revenge

This story centres on the titular Masamune and his intended retaliation against the girl who deserted him because he was a fatty. The theory is understandable, and even his plan is something that my self-centered nature approves of. It offers an intriguing perspective on how someone may become petty in the face of rejection.

The execution is on the verge of humour, despite the fact that the premise seems incredibly wicked. Masamune, despite being the last on our list, has nevertheless gone to tremendous measures to exact his retribution.

1. Chronicles of Heavenly Demon

In a society where martial arts rule supremely, Uesong had to watch as his master was mercilessly murdered after being falsely accused. He regrettably passed away, but in a demonic cult, he was resurrected as a child. Can he exact revenge on them now?

One of the best martial arts and cultivation manhwa featuring Evil MC is this one. It is also a little bit different from typical ones because it doesn’t show a similar plot. This is the perfect moment to read it if you haven’t before.

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Editor’s Final Thoughts:

Here it is the best manhwa with an evil MC. We found reading to be enjoyable, and we hope you will too. We might have overlooked a few manhwa/manhua with titles from evil main characters that ought to be included.

Please share any titles of manhwa that come to mind in the comment section below so that we may make this list as complete as possible. That concludes our list of the Top Manhwas with Villainous Main Characters. Please think about forwarding this article to anyone who would benefit if you liked our list.

Stay tuned for more such content.


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