Latest Spoilers: The Villains Precious Daughter Spoilers

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The Villains Precious Daughter Spoilers

Latest Spoilers: The Villains Precious Daughter Spoilers

Spoiler 1: Feud Between Oricsa and Valencia

  1. It was clear that Duke Valencia had a strong animosity toward the Oricsas. While they were on their way to the capital to meet the Emperor, Simon gave Rosalia an explanation of the source of this animosity.
  2. According to the Oricsa family, Christian had been found, and Duke Valencia was her biological daughter.
  3. Simon informed Rosalia that the conflict between these two families dates back a very long time. He told Rosalia that the Valencians would take control of the eastern region, which the Oricsa had previously dominated.
  4. The northern regions were given up after the conflict with the knights. It was tough to exist in the north, where farming was challenging and dangerous animals abound.
  5. Science and magic’s advancements made it feasible to dwell in the north with higher standards.
  6. The hero of Oricsa had no desire for the northern lands. Oricsa played a ruse on Valencia since it was convinced that the east would come to Valencia. They shared a drink the evening before the encounter.
  7. They would divide the territories formally at this point. Valencia was unable to make the meeting the next day because Oricsa had tampered with his drink.
  8. The Saintess was still getting used to her physique, to put it simply. It was claimed that Rosaline’s daughter would probably succeed her as Saintess. Since she was 2 or 3 years old, her baby hadn’t woken up.
  9. The youngster was taken after Rosaline and her family were attacked. The father, Christian Oricsa, also vanished, and Rosaline passed away soon after.
  10. She was said to have promised the duke that he would discover her kid before she passed away. Saint Cordelia, according to Rosalia, resembled Rosaline exactly, with the exception of her golden eyes and silver hair.
  11. The silver hair and brilliant eyes of the Oricsa family are well renowned. This made her certain that she wasn’t Rosaline’s child.
  12. Other individuals, including the Duke, feel Rosalia looks exactly like Christian. Her blue eyes were the only thing they noticed, and they stated they resembled Rosaline’s.

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Spoiler 2: The Accident

  1. Rosalia would get into trouble at her birthday celebration. As a birthday gift for Rosalia, the Duke gave her two pegasi. Astounded, Rosalia asked the Duke if she might ride one.
  2. The Duke had no objections. The Duke consented to bind the pegasus to prevent it from flying too high. Rosalia got on her pegasus, and it took off. It then went berserk and snapped free from its leash.
  3. The Duke called Rosalia, and Julian mounted the second pegasus to go after her. His pegasus turned rabid as well.
  4. Julian was soon caught by Rosalia, who instructed him to take his hand. Rosalia finally succeeded in grabbing Julian’s hands after much effort.
  5. Rosalia was startled to discover a bleeding, nearly lifeless Julian. Julian’s curse intensified. He now hunts monsters more frequently.
  6. The Duke informed her that the Fordners were to blame. Rosalia thought she remembered seeing Daniel’s face on the pegasus.
  7. The Duke asserted that a rare drug had been administered to the pegasi. He was convinced it wasn’t simply Fordners as they are now broke.
  8. The Duke of Oricsa was indeed also involved. Rosalia found this out after attempting to flee from the Oricsas.
  9. She unintentionally concealed in Duke Oricsa’s study, where she found the letter that Count Fordner had written.

Script of The Villains Precious Daughter

“It’s already unfair that I suffered greatly because I closely resembled the Saintess but why did the villain kill me without any mercy at all? No, actually, it said in the book that I was really bound to die. My life is already ruined. Of all things, why do I have to be the one to die a ridiculous death?’ There’s still hope! I haven’t met any of the characters yet so I’ll just run away! But why did the villain collapse in front of me? With a lot of effort, I barely saved the life of the villain who was on the brink of death. But now he’s saying that he wanted to adopt me as his daughter and raise me to be a Saintess?! Just like that, I decided to become his daughter for a few days before leaving quietly. “My daughter is a genius. There’s no child that is more angelic in this world other than my daughter.” I think I have coaxed my dad too well. Even the guys who originally followed the real Saintess started to pay attention to me. What went wrong? Aren’t you guys supposed to hate me?!”

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