Detail Explanation: Why did Mikasa kill Eren in Attack on Titan?

Explore the heartbreaking plot twist in Attack on Titan and uncover the reasons behind “why did Mikasa kill Eren.” This post provides a detailed explanation of their complex relationship and the events that led to this tragic moment.

Eren Yeager and Mikasa had a complicated and intriguing relationship, which is why Eren was killed by Mikasa in Attack on Titan. It is a sad twist of fate that they compete in the manga’s next-to-last chapter despite their undeniable devotion to one another. Mikasa Ackerman, a former ally turned vicious psychopath, had to confront her.

Mikasa resolves to assassinate Eren in order to stop him from carrying out the genocide because she is divided between her love for him and her obligation to the Marleyans. Even though it was heartbreaking, Eren had foreseen it and even forced it upon Mikasa, whose affection for him never faded.

I’ll go into more detail on the specifics of how Eren met his sad death in the sections that follow. Mikasa’s admission that Eren was murdered has far-reaching repercussions and necessitates an explanation. You can get all the facts you need to fully understand the situation in this post.

Did Mikasa Kill Eren?

The response to “Did Mikasa kill Eren?” is unclear and complex at the same time. Mikasa is stronger than Eren, according to one version of the story, while Eren was killed by Mikasa out of love and a desire to end the world, according to the other.

Mikasa’s choice to put the world ahead of Eren’s life was actually beneficial for her because it released Ymir from all of his attachments to him. She also demonstrated that it is possible to love someone while opposing them. It also put a stop to the Titans’ existence and the cycle of hate.

The two main protagonists in the series were pals in elementary school. Mikasa initially supported Eren’s fighting prowess, and the two of them grew close. Yet, as Eren’s character development progressed, this connection started to suffer.

Mikasa tried to shield him, but the final chapter depicts Eren practically strangling him. Due to Mikasa’s actions of not being completely honest with Eren, the relationship was complex.

The narrative’s unexpected conclusion. Even if Mikasa’s acts were violent, she was aware that Eren’s love for her was dangerous.

She took advantage of the fact that she was putting her in a vulnerable position by doing so. Eren made the decision to make changes in her life when her life was in danger.

Why does Mikasa Kill Eren?

Why did Mikasa kill Eren

We were able to piece together the following information from the chat he had with Armin after Eren passed away. Armin asks Eren why he kicked him in the ribs during a flashback to their first encounter in Shiganshina before the start of the Rumbling.

His friend admits that things didn’t go as planned and that he went out of control since they weren’t able to avoid one another successfully.

Armin comes to the conclusion that Eren’s goal in keeping them at bay was to allow them to live out their postwar lives in peace with no regret over having to kill a comrade.

The young man is then pressed for an explanation by Armin, who points out that Eren would typically be keen to watch out for his fellow Paradis Islanders. His companion responds by saying that by eradicating 80% of humanity, he ensured that war would not start for a very long period.

The latter worries his friend a little. Eren dismisses the question by saying he is going outside the walls, a location they had always wanted to see. As a result, they are in a volcanic region and are currently watching a volcano erupt.

The talk between the two friends naturally turns to Ymir Fritz when Armin compares the magma to a river of fire. We must now pause the narrative to introduce you to Ymir to respond to the following query.

We can only reiterate that Mikasa Ackerman killed Eren in order to stop the Rumbling and save the world since Eren concedes that he had lost control and would have killed more people if he hadn’t been stopped.

What episode does Mikasa kill Eren in?

Eren dies in the chapter that comes near the final of the Attack on Titan manga adaptation. His passing hasn’t been depicted thus far in any episodes of the anime series because it is still being aired, but we are positive that it will be at the conclusion of the anime’s final season; we just don’t know which episode it will take place in.

The very last or next-to-last episode of the anime is typically when this particular moment first appears.

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Editor’s Final Thoughts:

The Alliance successfully kept the world from being destroyed, but killing Eren and ending the conflict did not bring about lasting peace. Attack on Titan’s finale is so stunning because it mocks the idea of making sacrifices and proves that there is no such thing as victory in battle.



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